When you first started your new job, you woke up with excitement every morning—preparing yourself for a successful and productive day at work. You were passionate about the company’s mission and eager to learn how you could make a positive impact. However, that feeling of excitement has slowly withered away throughout the past couple of years. Now, you’re much more excited about preparing for the weekend. Truth is…you’re bored with your job and you’re simply going through the motions. It’s safe to say that your honeymoon stage at work has officially come to an end, and you are no longer invested in the position you were once so excited about. Here are 7 signs you’ve completely checked out at work:


1. You dread Sunday nights.

Although it’s still the weekend, you can’t stop thinking about the next morning, and how badly you wish you didn’t have to go to work. You anxiously sit in silence re-evaluating your life and whether or not you’re on the right career path. Meanwhile, you’re trying to figure out how many sick days you’re allowed, and if you can afford to take another one.

2. You watch the clock.

You notice that you keep glancing at the corner of your computer screen checking to see what time it is, and you cannot believe that only 4 minutes have passed by (although it seemed like eternity). You spend the whole morning waiting for lunchtime, the whole afternoon waiting to clock-out, and the whole week waiting for the weekend.

3. You’re not passionate.

When someone asks you about work, you respond by saying “…well, it’s a job.” You clearly lack motivation, and you are no longer excited to go to work in the mornings. The snooze button has upgraded from being an acquaintance to becoming your best friend. You no longer see the meaning or impact in the work that you do, and the duties you once loved have become nothing more than mundane tasks.

4. You don’t contribute.

You sit silently in meetings hoping that no one draws attention to you. You tune out easily, and you barely pay attention at all. You no longer contribute to conversations, discuss your ideas or express your opinions to the team. (You’d rather not waste your time and energy since it probably wouldn’t matter anyway.)

5. You’re disconnected.

And your co-workers notice. You’ve lost the spark that you once had. You don’t make an effort to be a part of the team, and your smiles aren’t as genuine as they used to be. If the event is not mandatory, then you won’t be attending. You say “no” to every opportunity and networking event that you’re invited to. You’re no longer invested in the team or the vision, and it’s starting to show.

6. You welcome distractions.

You’ve made 3 trips to the bathroom, 12 trips to the printer, and 4 trips to the coffee bar—all within the same hour. You can’t seem to stop checking your social media pages, and you focus the majority of your time and energy towards non-work related activities.

7. You’re doing the minimum.

You no longer give 100% on the job—you’re content with 70%. You cringe at the mere thought of coming in early or staying late. As a matter of fact, you’ve been strolling in a few minutes late for the past few days now. You have no desire to display your full potential, and you’re working much slower that you’re capable of. You’d be bored out of your mind if you completed tasks in a timely manner, so you tend to take your time on simple projects in order to avoid the potential boredom.


If you are currently experiencing these signs, rest assured that all hope is not lost! Sometimes, the best thing you can do to move your career forward is to acknowledge that you’ve hit a plateau. After you recognize that there is a disconnect, you should consider taking immediate action. Here are some proactive steps to consider taking if you are currently experiencing a lack of motivation at work:


  1. Be honest with your boss.
  2. Get to know your co-workers. 
  3. Pursue a personal hobby.
  4. Build your personal brand.
  5. Take on a new project at work.
  6. Begin searching for a new job.



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