You finally heard back about that position you applied for a few weeks ago, and they want you to come in for an interview. Congratulations! Considering that the internet is now a key resource for hiring managers and recruiters everywhere, you can probably assume that your interviewer already knows a thing or two about you. However, no matter how impressively detailed your resume is, there are still a few things that your interviewer wants to find out before extending that job offer. Here are four unspoken questions you should answer before leaving any interview!


  1. Are you excited about the opportunity?

    This one seems like a given, right? However, you’d be surprised to know just how many individuals have missed out on a good opportunity simply because they failed to show a glimpse of enthusiasm for the role. Although we don’t suggest that it’s a good idea to jump up and down while shouting in utter excitement, it is very important to let your interviewer know that you are excited about the opportunity and appreciative of the chance to interview for the role. Don’t just assume that your interviewer already knows. Make it clear.

  2. Are you capable of doing the job?

    In order to show that you are capable of doing the job, you must first have a clear understanding of what the position entails. Once you have a general understanding of the role, align the new opportunity with similar positions and responsibilities that you’ve had in the past. Explain how and why you were successful in previous roles, and then connect those specific accomplishments to the job that you’re interviewing for. 

  3. Have you done your homework?

    One of the best ways to show interest in a position is to do your research. Before attending any job interview, you should always conduct a thorough search for information about the company, the position, the interviewer and the industry. Years ago, taking the time to do such thorough research before an interview would have shown great initiative. Today, it’s simply expected. If you want to be viewed as a valuable and serious candidate, let your interviewer know that you’ve done your homework. Remember to highlight any specific information that you found while conducting your research. The more you know, the better.

  4. Do you get along well with others?

    No matter what role you’re interviewing for, chances are you’ll have to come in contact with (or work alongside) other people on a regular basis. Employers want to feel comfortable knowing that you are very capable of getting along well with others. They want to know that you are not prone to conflict or easily irritable. They want to know that you tend to handle social interactions with the utmost consideration and care. The best way to express that you get along well with others is to show it. Ensure that every interaction you have on the day of your interview is a positive one. Once you step foot in the building, you should greet every person with the same level of respect and politeness. Be mindful of first impressions, and remember that a little kindness can go a long way.



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